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FAQ: Frequently asked question: 

GEDEE WEILER as Machine tool Manufacturer has complete range of horizontal lathes offers a variety of bore sizes, bed lengths and optional features. This allows us to manufacture custom lathe solutions capable of meeting any production needs arise in the market place. GEDEE WEILER is India’s one-stop solution for computerized machine cutting tools for any customized cutting technology.

Our products are maufactured & assembled at our sprawling factory in Coimbatore, India, with a customer first approach. We are pioneers in wide range of CNC Turning Center, CNC Machining Center  (3-4-5 Axes), CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Vertical Line CNC Machines, CNC Chucker etc., Excellent and fully equipped .

Geedee Weiler Committed to bringing worlds best technology within the easy reach of the customer facilitated by a clear perception of customer demands and the needs of the market and offer optimum cost effective manufacturing solutions with support from global partners.
CNC Lathes for General Purpose Turning. CNC Lathe, Lathe Machine, Turning Center
CNC Turning Centers (Lathes) | CNC Lathe Machine - Computer Numerical Control Lathe Machine .
CNC Turning Center -CNC Lathe Machine - Learn about CNC Lathes & CNC Turning Machines. Ask quote for our latest CNC Lathe models. 
GEDEE WEILER | CNC Lathes | CNC turning center | CNC vertical Lathe. India's reputed Industrial Manufacturer from Coimbatore, TN, India. Dealer and Service Network available all across the nation. 
CNC Lathe & CNC Machines-CNC Lathe - Flat Bed, Slant Bed, Heavy Duty - CNC Turning Center - CNC Turning Centers (Lathes) | 
CNC Lathe, Lathe Machine, Turning Center,-CNC TURNING CENTERS - CNC Machines - CNC Lathe Machining & CNC Turning Lathe Machine-Gedee Weiler India's top manufacturer from Coimbatore. India.
CNC Lathe Manufacturer,Lathe Machine Fabrication,CNC Lathe .CNC Lathe Machine Manufacturers in India
CNC Turning Center, VMC, Vertical Turning Center all under one roof from Gedee Weiler. India.
 manufacturing facilities at Coimbatore,  for excellence spanning over five decades, GEDEE WEILER has major presence in the manufacture of CNC Lathes  with an impressive line of  skilled technician to produce  accurate and rigid CNC Lathes.
GEDEE WEILER | CNC Lathes | CNC turning center | CNC vertical Lathe-CNC Lathe - Flat Bed, Slant Bed, Heavy Duty - CNC Lathe Machine,Vertical Boring Machine,Planning Machine.
GEDEE WEILER | CNC Lathes | CNC turning center | CNC vertical Lathe -Ask for a quote and live demo.
CNC Turning Machine, CNC Automatic Lathe, CNC Chuker. CNC Lathe Machine - Computer Numerical Control Lathe Machine 
 Our commitment to using advanced technology to manufacturing these machines to ensure supreme quality of our products. The CNC Lather and machines built in GEDE WEILER are smarter, flexible  and  are easier to maintain.  When machine tools manufactures thinks of  CNC machine solutions GEDEE WEILER stands top in their minds. 

1 Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
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   1.2 How do CNC machines work?
   1.3 What can CNC machines do?
2 Electronics
  2.1 What is the interface between the router and computer?
  2.2 What is the power output of the electronic controller?
  2.3 Will the electronics work in my country?
3 Software
   3.1 What software is used to control the CNC machine?
   3.2 How is the actual machine code generated?

Where GDWeiler Lathe Machines are are built?
Answer: GDWeiler machines are built in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in India.
Are replacement parts available for GDWeiler CNC Lathes and Conventional Lathe machines?
Answer: Yes, GDWeiler maintains a full inventory of replacement parts in the factory in Coimbatore and as well as well as in all service stations  listed.
Is technical support available?
Answer: Yes, GDWeiler employs full-time service Engineers/Technicians that are available to help answer any technical questions.
Does GDWeiler sell used equipment?
Answer: GDWeiler supplies only new lathes and conventional lathe machines.
Does GDWeiler sell equipment through distributors?
Answer: NO
Does GDWeiler sell directly to SME enterprises or small end-users?
Answer: Yes, GDWeilder Machinery employs sales people who work with customers that prefer to do business directly with GDWeiler  Machinery.

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Does GeDee Weiler gives cnc machine training?
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