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  • LZ 330

LZ 330

Conventional Lathe-LZ 330

New generation of precision center conventional lathes developed exclusively for vocational training centers, colleges, tool room and production centers. These center lathes are offered with a multi step gear box or infinitely variable speed mechanism with invertor drive.
These Center lathes are designed and constructed to ensure high safety to the operators. The center lathe is fitted with rear splash guard, chuck guard, coolant splash guard, and lead screw protection guard which are offered as standard accessory.
The machine is rigid in construction and the main spindle is mounted on high accuracy bearings to machine precise components with high surface finish. To ensure repeated accuracy over a long period, the contact area of the saddle with bed is provided with a anti friction coating to minimize wear and tear.
The cross feed and longitudinal screw rod threads are profile ground for smooth rotation and fine machining. A centralized lubrication pump delivers oil to all the sliding surfaces to retain the accuracy of the machine over a long period.
The center Conventional lathe is offered with accessories like fixed steady, follow steady, taper turning attachment,  multi station saddle stop, DRO unit etc..,
The built in cupboard with lock and key can be used for storing chucks, cutting tools and other accessories.
The machine can be provided with 3 or 4 jaw chuck and lever operated collet arrangement to machine a range of components to highest degree of accuracy.
Different models of center Conventional lathes are available to suit customer requirement.

LZ 330
LZ 330 V LZ 330 G
Capacity Center Height mm 165 165
Swing Over Bed mm 330 330
Swing over cross slide mm 190 190
Swing over carriage guide ways mm300 300
Distance between centers in accordance with DIN 806 mm 670 670
Width of Bed mm 220 220
Height of Bed mm 220 220
Spindle height form floor mm 1150 1150
Spindle nose bayonet DIN 55027 Size 5 Size 5
Spindle bore dia mm43 43
Collect opening mm 26 26
I.D Taper bore similar to DIN 228 mm ME 50 ME 50
Chuck size mm 165 dia 165 dia
Max diameter of face plate mm 280 280
Tool Slide Cross slide travel mm 165 165
Top slide travel mm 115 115
Swivel range of top slide Grad+750/-65 0 +750/-65 0
Cross-section of cutting tool Grad20 x 20 20 x 20
Lead screw pitch mm6 6
Tail Stock Quill storck mm85 85
Quill diameter mm45 45
Taper bore in accordance with DIN 228 MT 3 MT 3
Drive Spindle Drive Infinitey variable AC drive Gear Box Drive
Speed range U/min 30 - 4000 60 - 3000
Motor power Kw 4 Kw 2.2/ 3 kw
Machine size Length x Width x Height mm 1340 x 855 x 1450 1340 x 855 x 1450
Weight Kg 950 950
Feeds & Thread range Longitudinal Feeds mm/U 0.025 - 0.9 0.025 - 0.9
Cross feeds mm/U 0.009 - 0.32 0.009 - 0.32
Metric threads mm 0.2 - 7 0.2 - 7
With worth threads TPI 80 - 5 80 - 5
Module threads Module 0.12 - 3.15 0.12 - 3.15
Diameter pitch threads DP 200 - 12 200 - 12

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