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PROTURN CNC LATHE is exclusively developed to bridge the gap between conventional lathes and production purpose CNC Lathes.
PROTURN CNC Lathe is highly suitable for tool room applications, small batch quantity of parts ranging from smallest diameter pin to blanks having a diameter of around 150mm.
This CNC Lathe is fitted with a 3-step gear box to provide 3 range of spindle speeds. Nonferrous materials like aluminum, brass require high spindle speed with low torque. Whereas steel blanks of diameter 150mm require low  spindle speed but  high torque. Both these facilities are available on this PROTURN CNC Lathe.

Different machining cycles are available on the screen.  Entering the required dimensional data for the component to be machined facilitates the operator to run machine without  having any  knowledge about  CNC programming.

The machine is fitted with two-MPG. By  rotating these two  electronic handwheels, the operator can machine a component like rotating handwheels on a centre lathe.

Once the component has been machined to the required accuracy manually, the process can be stored in programming format. Now the operator can machine further parts using the CNC facility.

Gedee Wailer India' Leading CNC Lathe machine manufacturer from Coimbatore, India. Having market presence throughout Asia. Complete range of CNC lathes - CNC Lathe machines,  such as CNC machining centre, CNC turning centre, CNC drill and tap, CNC horizontal machining centre. 

Capacity Spindle Height from bed mm 165 165
Swing over bed mm 330 330
Swing over cross slide mm 160 160
Distance between center mm 465 465
Width of bed mm 250 250
Height of bed mm 220 220
Spindle height from floor mm 1150 1150
TRAVEL X axis travel mm 180 180
Z axis travel mm 465 465
Z Axis travel without tail stock mm 550 550
SPINDLE RPM Without gearbox (4 KW Spindle motor) rpm MAX 4000 Not Applicable
With Gear box (Optional) rpm MAX 3000 Not Applicable
With Siemens 7/9 KW spindle motor rpm Not Applicable MAX 4000
Max. diameter of face plate mm 280 280
WORK SPINDLE I. D. Taper bore similar to DIN 228 Metric 50 Metric 50
Spindle nose DIN 55027 Size - 5 Size - 5
Spindle bore DIA mm 43 43
TAIL STOCK Quill Stroke mm 100 100
Quill diameter mm 45 45
Taper bore in accordance with DIN 228 mm MT 3 MT 3
MACHINE SIZE Length x Width x Height mm 1640 x 1215 x 1600
Machine Weight Kg. 1100Kg
CNC Controller Siemens Siemens 808 - D
MOTOR POWER Spindle drive motor -Continuous rating KW 4 KW (GDW Induction Motor) 7 KW Continuous rating /9 KW Intermittent rating

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