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Eco Turn

Eco Turn

This is a compact CNC Lathe machine developed for educational institutions to train students.
This CNC Lathe is ergonomically designed for students to operate easily. The students can understand G-Codes and M-Codes by applying in the program for component machining.
The desired accuracy, finish, machining time etc., can be understood by changing the cutting parameters and cutting tools.
Gedee Weiler Turning Center - CNC automation - CNC Turning Center Lathes 
Manual clamping chuck or collet attachment can be used for clamping the work piece.
Linear tooling arrangement or 4-station turret can be used suitably.

Description Unit Specification
Capacity Swing over ('Z' axis cover) dia mm 380
Swing over cross slide Cover-dia mm 120
Maximum Turning dia mm 180
Max Bar Capacity dia mm 25
SPINDLE Spindle Nose DIN 55027 mm A2-4 bayonet
Spindle Speed rpm 50 - 4000
Spindle Nose DIN 55026 type A2-4
Spindle through bore mm 38
WORK HOLDING chuck type type Manual Chuck or 5C Collet
chuck size mm 125
TRAVEL X axis travel mm 200
Z axis travel mm 265
FEED RATE Rapid Traverse X axis mts./min 20
Rapid Traverse Z axis mts./min 25
Feed Rate mm 6000
TOOLING Tooling Arrangement type Linear Tooling
Tool Shank Size mm 20x20
Boring bar size mm 25
MACHINE SIZE Machine Height mm 1540
Floor Space mm 1500 x 1500
Machine Weight Kg. 1300
CNC Controller Type Mitsubishi
MOTOR POWER Spindle motor rated Power -Continuous rating KW V0-2.2 KW - (GDW Motor)

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